FDNY Rescues Workers Trapped On Collapsed Lift

By Theodore Parisienne               Posted – 6:22PM

Two men working on a lift approximately sixty feet up on the outside of a building under construction at 11 West 118th Street in Manhattan had to be rescued by FDNY members after the base of the lift tilted over, causing the boom arm and the cage they were in to crash into the side of the building at 17 West 118th Street at about 9:16AM.

One firefighter was lowered to the cage from the roof of 17 West 118th Street while his colleagues on the ground moved a ladder into position. One of the workers could be seen lying on his back at one end of the steeply tilted cage, his legs dangling freely off the edge. This same worker was later heard crying out in pain as he favored his right hand.

Both men, whom were most likely saved from a worse fate by their harnesses, were safely removed and taken to Harlem Hospital with non life threatening injuries. An Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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